Wednesday, January 01, 2003

nupe99: you talk like anna nicole

eaglesys3: you're like 5 years old, it's a good age, but c'mon
eaglesys3: u've practically gave birth to that inner child, that's how much it's out there

nupe99: youz a ho

nupe99: you freak
nupe99: you have cold blooded hands
nupe99: that was clever

nupe99: i want barbie sheets

nupe99: im worse off...lil white girls are dumb

Laurinda323: boy = clueless
kerrbear8000: truth

Laurinda323: my computer just beeped 10 times
eaglesys3: it's telling you to get your mack on

nupe99: i like sexyal connotations

nupe99: oooohhhh.. do you wanna know what we had to drop off?
nupe99: its like a jar filled with a couple hundred teeth
nupe99: it makes a rattling sound

nupe99: theyre sitting at home one day eating their nasty porridge and not brushing their rotting teeth... they get bored so they say "im gunna catch meself a spoice guirl"
nupe99: those arent typos
nupe99: ew
nupe99: no
nupe99: these are clean american teeth
nupe99: "whats your hobby?". ... "i kidnap spoice guirls"

eaglesys3: laura, u r the funniest person from whatever planet ur from

nupe99: hhaha.. once you mention black comedians, the album goes downhill

IceHubes: i don't kiss guys
IceHubes: on the lips

Laurinda323: lets get dirrty
nupe99: ok
Laurinda323: no, not together
nupe99: darn
Laurinda323: ok, when jon's out of the country maybe.. but come on, he's across town.
nupe99: aww man i missed my chance
nupe99: ill buy him a one way ticket to australia
nupe99: hahaha
Laurinda323: ha. everything we say is profile worthy

eaglesys3: if you were a guy in prison, he could very well be your currency

eaglesys3: are you drunk
Laurinda323: yes
eaglesys3: you = Honey from that play in english
eaglesys3: slightly ditzy with a hint of sheer ignorance and a couple shots of liquor for extra kick
Laurinda323: *Insert Letters of someone's name of which loves neil but he does not love her back* and neil sittin in a tree K I.....

eaglesys3: take a cold shower and grap a couple cups of coffee, it'll clear up your hangover right quick

Laurinda323: there is a bitchy woman on the amazing race and she will not do what she is supposed to
nupe99: hah..... women
nupe99: cant live with em
nupe99: cant amazing race without em

Andyman161: what you need to do
Andyman161: is just get really really drunk before math class
Andyman161: then you'll do fine

Magada 57: Prazzzy§zlllrral in the hizzouse.

eaglesys3: i'm never going to understand you. i'll get my undergraduate degree, masters, and PHd. but it's not gonna matter cause you'll still be a mystery

nupe99: "im not a virgin, im not a slut" Christina Aguilera

nupe99: any sex is like the best thing in the world
nupe99: Amol Sinha

nupe99: i luv dem orgies
Laurinda323: anonymous.
nupe99: i wanna get somthing pierced
Laurinda323: anonymous.

nupe99: i dont love you anymore
Laurinda323: oh darn.
Laurinda323: now only 3,864 people love me.
nupe99: no one loves you
nupe99: we all just use you to get to jon

Laurinda323: that sounds like it has gotten violet. you are hitting me.
kerrbear8000: haha with a flower?

eaglesys3: i love to talk about boys

eaglesys3: so u done did talked to him about certain stugg?

nupe99: so u done did talked to him about certain stugg?
nupe99: thats from our valedictorian

LePetitChou3: barbie coloring books? i had a weeding one.
nupe99: weeding
nupe99: nice
LePetitChou3: haha. barbie weeding with ken. wedding
nupe99: horticulture barbie
LePetitChou3: hahahahhhah horticulture barbie. amol, brilliance
nupe99: it would be whoreticulture
LePetitChou3: HHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA even better.

nupe99: well why do you get to be the queen
amol is the queen
nupe99: thats better

nupe99: i wanna use that expression... "get fresh"
nupe99: im gonna use old time expressions from now on
nupe99: like "talking smack"

nupe99: im gonna make you indian this summer

M a r sS t a r 3: <--- loser whore

New Band: JiggAmoLaura
Song #1: Grunt
Song #3: EEkapopalu

Band: Nonchalant
Song #1: arua-L-oma
Song #2: Neil goes to the Gay Convention
Song #3: Pizazz Pizza
Song #4: Fargo Dreams

beladini: i am having fun "boy-shopping"
beladini: the polish kid, is cool, "great, lean-meat"

nupe99: so i gotta be funny and work on my hottness

beladini: oh really? whats his personality like, i am uncomfortable when you say i should marry gay ppl
beladini: its ok if he is, i like gay guys before- remember lance?

Laurinda323: my cuzin kristen's bf is named- tony tony
beladini: tony tony?
Laurinda323: antonio antoine somethingelse bouchard.

beladini: he has been backpacking across new mexico all summer

beladini: but the guy she (one of my old best friends) is with this time buys weed
beladini: from his dad
beladini: yes apparently its a family business, like the kid works for his dad, but instead of cash, his dad gives the loving gift of pot

nupe99: the world would be a much happier place if everyone was fat

nupe99: i just came back from an interesting 3 hours at chuck e cheeses
nupe99: i took my bio book with me to study

nupe99: whats goin on?
nupe99: in laura-nceville ?

BU rp3 91: if you ask me, i love you is overrated
BU rp3 91: it's lost meaning
BU rp3 91: it's better to say like "hey bitch"
BU rp3 91: well, not really
BU rp3 91: but close

nupe99: ill tell you what i wouldnt want to be...
nupe99: a bottle of ketchup
nupe99: cause everyone loves ketchup and it runs out soo fast.. its torture every time someone squeezes you

HsyncPOP: i'm like your profile, cuz a lotta girls like to check me out

IBIRJU: god i was wonderin how long it would take u to notice i was writing in ankur loser style

hanil06: the thong doesn't do adultery
hanil06: she stays away from someone else's man

Laurinda323: but i thought that was self evident
nupe99: what are you?
nupe99: the preamble to the constitution?

Birjuman1: amolaura shermaryam

nupe99 (2:03 PM): arright im gonna go now.. gnite

M a r sS t a r 3: then i'll drug you in the middle of the hallway at school and take out some of your molars

nupe99: Queen Laura of Chandrapore

GPace50: atleast you can right

burp 391: you sound more like a stripper than an actual person

swisscheesepants: well, amol's still scared of women.

nupe99: lieu ser
Laurinda323: ?
nupe99: pronouce it

Birjuman1: i'm like homer and ur ned flanders

eaglesys3: you learn quickly my dark apprentice

eaglesys3: ur damn right i'm a girl w/o boobs

nupe99: what are you doing after school on monday the 22nd?
Laurinda323: what day of the week is that

nupe99: ooh i bought shoes
Laurinda323: . u should be
nupe99: i should be bought shoes?

kerrbear8000: opps
Laurinda323: oops. kerry oops.
Laurinda323: thats op-sssss
Laurinda323: oooo-psssss
kerrbear8000: that sounds like "ooo psss", like "ooo be quiet"
Laurinda323: thats ooo pst.
kerrbear8000: or no
kerrbear8000: "ooo hey!"
kerrbear8000: how do you know that ooo psss doesn't sound like ooo pst to me??

eaglesys3: i want to get the pimp costume
Laurinda323: i can just picture u..
Laurinda323: i am gonna have purple hair, whatever i am.
eaglesys3: find me some hoes, get me a convertible, start croozin.
eaglesys3: ......that's the life
Laurinda323: lol if u want a purple haired hoe...
eaglesys3: whoa, that would be a killer idea..
Laurinda323: neil the pimp and his hoe laura. perfect image there.
eaglesys3: exactly!
eaglesys3: funkee

Sonya247: hahahha exactly
Sonya247: and pilar had a makeup party wit troup today
Sonya247: they had fun...especially during da eyemakeup contest
Laurinda323: hahahahaha
Sonya247: hahahhaha...yo i really gotta stop makin so much fun of em
Laurinda323: hahahaha
Laurinda323: no u dont!
Laurinda323: its no fun if u do
Sonya247: is not like makin fun of a handicapped person or suttin
Laurinda323: hahahaha
Sonya247: hahhahahha

ScrafRaff: nice anglish

kerrbear8000: you were the one looking up naked people holding utensils on the internet

Laurinda323: and my throat hurts cuz my foot went down 'the wrong pipe' and now i think im dying like that guy mrs randall told us about
kerrbear8000: i don't know what to respond to first - that you've managed to swallow your foot, or that it went down the wrong pipe
kerrbear8000: i don't think you'll die. i'm sure that guy's food was weird - like mexican food or something
Laurinda323: and wouldn't i be dead by now?
kerrbear8000: probably
kerrbear8000: especially if your foot was still attached to your leg

Laurinda323: "Clara is bursting with a lusty, animal passion. "- pinkmonkey notes. Bondage, passion, jeez am I in porn school?
nupe99: bondage, passion, animals, pinkmonkeys ..... its all porn

nupe99: i was about to write my own definition for "star wars"
nupe99: based upon what i knew about the movie
nupe99: little did i know its some military plan
LePetitChou3: haha
nupe99: and unsafe at any speed
nupe99: i was gonna write about a kia

hanil06: ew
hanil06: why is this
hanil06: ho on my buddy list

beladini: "girl" you know what i be sayin, just foolin and stuff like that...why you be getting all mad , i am just talkin like a indian

nupe99: if you had a friend named pete you could be like "hey pete, bye-o"
nupe99: like AP bio

hanil06: he has like 2 brain cells fighting

nupe99: i need decent preppy people singing jewel

nupe99: im a bacardi cocktail- cold pink and frosty
nupe99: the website thinks im gay
Laurinda323: jeez
Laurinda323: lol
nupe99: it thinks im a frigid gay man
Laurinda323: hahahahahaha
Laurinda323: a toxic, frigid gay man

nupe99: is he hot?
Laurinda323: do you have eyes?
nupe99: not gay eyes
nupe99: well only when i look in the mirror

nupe99: how there was a guy that you liked but u couldnt have because you werent the "virgin princess of his dreams" and so you lied to him
nupe99: but then he found out your secrets and dumped you
nupe99: so youve hated all men ever since
nupe99: your past is very similar to the first season of dawsons creek

AceKGarg: megan tells me
AceKGarg: u and her, give lapdaces?
Laurinda323: ok course. what good stripper doesnt?